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Mandy's Book

The Social Sell: Your DIY Guide to Utilizing Social Media for Branding, Marketing and Sales

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Free resources designed to help you rock your social media strategy. Practical steps to get solid results.

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I've made it my mission to take the mystery out of social media while providing easy to understand, actionable and specific advice.

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The Social Sell, Social Media Workbook

Mandy's Book

In this DIY workbook, we uncomplicated the whole social media process and teach you how to find your own voice and connect with people online. Not only will you learn the common mistakes people are making on social media and how to avoid them, but you will also be equipped with the knowledge you need to:

• Create a great brand image and reputation 
• Set up social media profiles that are engaging 
• Plan, create, schedule & post great content
• Audit and track accounts and progress 
• Profile the competition 
• Market beyond social media

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