A small business website re-design that restored hope
Homestead Quilts and Gallery Case Study

When we were first contacted by Homestead Quilts & Gallery in La Pine, Oregon, owner, Cathy was in a panic. The person she had originally hired to design and build her website had not only left her with a site that didn’t function well. However, she was continuing to receive invoices for work that wasn’t communicated clearly. Her frustration was unnecessary and we were happy to jump in and help!

Homestead Quilts & Gallery

Site issues:

  • The theme used for the site was intended for a blog, not for selling items online
  • Pages and posts were build improperly and did not navigate to useful content
  • Site navigation was difficult and often lead to dead ends
  • E-mail newsletter page was hard to find and not designed well
  • Site did not include business logo and the city was spelled incorrectly
  • Photos used were poor quality stock images and images taken from the web
  • The shop was clunky and didn’t function well
  • There were no social media icons or social media integration
  • Site had no contact page
  • Shipping profiles were not set so that the customer must choose how much to pay for shipping
  • Staff was discouraged from adding content or product

After re-design:

  • Business logo is prominently displayed
  • All photos used on the site were taken on location
  • Pages and posts are set-up properly
  • Site is mobile friendly and responsive
  • SEO information is set properly, sit maps have been submitted and the site is ready for Google
  • All pages and posts lead to relevant information
  • Shop is separate by categories and organized making it easy to shop
  • Shipping profiles are set properly
  • Social media icons are visible and functioning
  • Business hours are shown clearly
  • Contact page with relevant business information
  • Tons of information about the business and what makes them great
  • Information for relevant clubs and services in the area
  • Store staff has been trained to add product and posts when necessary


Homestead Quilts website before

Home Page- La Pine spelled incorrectly “Lapine”, poor navigation and odd layout

Homestead Quilts shop before

Shop Page- Scrolling list of items. No categories and many missing photos

Homestead Quilts Classes Before

Classes Page- Scrolling list of classes. No ability to purchase online and very few details

We had a few objectives when setting out to make this site functional for the Homestead Quilts & Gallery staff. The site had to be easily navigated and easy to purchase from. We also had to keep in mind that owner Cathy and her staff would need to be able to add product and posts easily with little time to devote. We were thrilled with the final result and know her customers will be able to use and shop from her site with ease. Cathy and her staff keep in close contact and have taken to using it quite well!


Homestead Quilts Contact Page

Contact Page- View business information and send an email

Homestead quilts classes page

Classes Page- View classes and purchase online

Homestead quilts pre-cuts page

Category Page- View products by category and purchase online

Mandy Davis, Ingrain Social Media