We help business owners, just like you, improve their online presence, reach more of their target audience and tell really engaging stories that their customers and prospects care about.

We also help businesses strategize and plan marketing campaigns including launches, on-going social media and day-to-day activities such as newsletters, blogs, e-mail marketing and more!

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Need something else? Don’t hesitate to reach out! We’ve been doing this digital marketing thing for a long time and have covered a lot of territory. I’d be more than happy to chat with you to see if what you need is something we can do.

Why Ingrain Social Media?

Here at Ingrain Social Media, we work with small businesses with very diverse products and services. We get to know your business and industry to better serve you and your customers. Our goal is to give you the service of an in-house employee without the added costs and liabilities.  We have helped our clients get featured in several publications such as; Mountain Living, The Wall Street Journal, Tiny House Living, Quilt in a Day, and countless blogs. Our unique ability to get exposure has gone a long way to build our client’s brands.

We’re best at…

Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Writing & Blogging
Our Process

01. Listen

During your free consultation, we will ask lots of questions and listen to you to get a good understanding of your industry, business and goals.

04. Collaborate

We collaborate with you to get any information necessary to move forward. We will also discuss specific content related topics, schedules, and make a calendar of upcoming events where applicable.

02. Study

We study your industry, online presence, social media accounts and competitors to find out where you’re at currently, and develop a plan to move your business towards reaching the goals we’ve discussed.

05. Set-Up

Accounts will be set up or optimized in preparation of executing the strategy we’ve developed for you.

03. Create

After doing an intensive study of your business’ online presence and competitors, we create a strategy  that is catered to your particular business and is designed to move you in a direction that will help you reach your specific goals.

06. Implement

The real work begins! We implement your business’ strategy and roll out the plan developed for you.



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